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US Secretaries visit FHUSA!

Midwest Sustainable Energy Contractors Inc, (MSEC) is very proud to present these photos of US Secretaries Chu and Locke, visiting FHUSA in Beijing on July 17th, 2009. On hand was Lewis Demetri, member of the MSEC Team. Congratulations to George, Helen, Rychard, Mike, Lisa, Amanda, and Charlie of the Learn Green Foundation!

Future House USA, Beijing
PRC. Zero Net Energy Healthy Home, built by the Learn Green Foundation. Lead ZNE engineering and consultation by Blaise and Lewis from MSEC.

The Secretaries enetering FHUSA US Secretaries, Locke and Chu, from Energy and Commerce, tour the FHUSA on their trip through China in mid July with a gaggle of photographers and press people in tow.

George hosting tour George Bialecki Jr. explains some of the features of FHUSA such as a SIPS envelope, geothermal heat pumps, PV, and solar thermal, to US Secretaries Chu and Locke. Lewis and the Secretaries Lewis from MSEC speaks with Dr. Chu and Mr. Locke regarding the EMS system controling, data logging, and providing analysis of the systems data for the FHUSA.

For additional information and photos visit, and at the EERE Newsletter.

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